Wednesday, October 7, 2009 Announces the Hiring of eBrandz™ Search Marketing Services for Website Promotion and Search Engine Optimization.

The decision to hire eBrandz for SEO comes at a time when the Internet is awash with an abundance of sites offering vacation rentals on the Pacific island paradise of Kauai, Hawaii. The choice to appoint eBrandz™ for website SEO and promotion is driven by the outstanding success of its SEO Management Services on one of our other websites.

Over the almost 9 years since was started, the number of vacation rentals on Kauai Island has increased substantially and so has the number of websites advertising these vacation rentals, not to mention the competition. Since we experienced a sizeable increase in our other business after eBrandz 6-month Search Engine Optimization program, Kauai Vacation Resorts has once again hired the excellent SEO services of eBrandz™.

In the past 6 years, after effectively implementing more than 6000 SEO campaigns for clients located in over 40 countries, eBrandz™ has serviced some of the most important players in the world internet market. They devise and expedite some very innovative and ground-breaking website strategies that have given growing businesses a much needed overhaul and brought about a sharp turnaround in their online business. eBrandz has offices located in 4 major cities of the world including New York, London, Mumbai and Singapore. Their team consists of over 250 marketing experts. Their clientele includes global majors like Citibank, Cardservice International, ILSmart, Manpower Inc. and Union Diamond, to name a few.

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